Chicago 1968

October 15, 2018

Chicago 1968 represents, perhaps as no other moment in American history, the flashpoint of cultural resistance to a militarized world out of control. In the summer of 1968, still reeling from the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy only months earlier, thousands of young people descended on the Democratic National Convention to show their opposition to the Vietnam War and their desire for a Peace platform.

This book gathers Terry Southern’s stories, Michael Copper’s convention portfolio, magazine insider memos, and prose from several other literary legends into a brisk retrospective of a surreal week.

This beautiful, custom, hard covered, black and white book features 131 pages of history told through stories and images. The unique design was created with two hits of black with a warm grey 6 and flood aqueous coating. The book was also showcased at the Chicago and New York book fairs.

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