Rosson Crow: The Happiest People on Earth.

Rosson Crow: The Happiest People on Earth

January 4, 2018

Rosson Crow’s new paintings depict the search for off-the-grid freedom in the American West. Building from her explorations of the psychology of nationalism and conspiracy in American history, Crow has moved away from the surreal interiors she’s known for to a new terrain and a new timeframe: desert landscapes set in a future overwhelmed by the refuse of the paranoid present. Littered among giant, brightly hued cacti, objects from the worlds of fringe cults and right wing conspiracy grapple for our attention. Without depicting any people associated with these groups, they are felt as a presence through what they’ve left behind.

As part of an exhibition in Los Angeles winter 2018, this dynamic soft-cover book has 22 uncoated pages along with a fold-out poster featuring Crow’s finest work.

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