Thirty Tigers

January 10, 2019

Whitney Morgan and the 78’s anticipated newest country album poster “Hard Times & White Lines, was printed with a special Indigo approved UV fluorescents inks. After printing, a flocking partner created the precise registration for the flocking. In order for the flocking to stay in place, each poster was trimmed very carefully. This poster is really unique with the UV inks and flocking that create an exciting visual effect.

Whitney Morgan self-produced the album that was recorded in the Neve room, at the famed Sonic Ranch Studios in Tornillo, Texas. Of the recording, Morgan shares, “It’s not like my vision happened overnight. I’ve been chipping away at it forever. It’s slowly evolving and it’s going in a little bit different direction. It’s not so straightforward anymore. This record definitely has a wider path, it’s broader, but it still sounds like a Whitney Morgan record.”

The Whitey Morgan “Hard Times and White Lines” album is now available for purchase at most major retailers.

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