Velvet Underground

January 3, 2019

Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison and Moe Tucker were all at the heart of New York’s music scene, creating a revolution in music and known as the Velvet Underground. This book gives readers an inside look of New York’s underground music scene during the 1960’s, where people transgressed the norm and pushed the limits. The Velvet Underground became a cultural phenomenon through the years, one that continues to fascinate listeners across the globe. This page-turner book includes never before seen photographs, letters, testimonials, posters and poetry.

The hard cover and pages of photos are printed on uncoated paper, with the exception of a few pages, which give a glossy look and feel. For simplicity, several pages include black and white photography. This book definitely keeps readers intrigued as they are taken on a historical journey through the revolution of the Velvet Underground.

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