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OMA Portfolio

Wire loop binding

OMA is an international practice operating within the traditional boundaries of architecture and urbanism. This book presents architectural design layouts to be used with structures, interior design, landscapes, lighting, sustainability and graphics projects. Used as a portfolio for OMA clients, this book was constructed on 100% recyclable uncoated paper including the front & the fold-out back cover. Unique features include 12 signatures, an untrimmed face and wire-looped bound, which makes each signature its own book within a book. AMO, the company that works parallel with OMA’s clients, specializes in politics, branding, real estate, publications, media, research, academia and fashion. This book is a true portfolio of all that OMA is capable of designing, making it a useful resource for clients.

OMA New York is currently engaged in a range of new projects such as The New Museum expansion in New York City, Audrey Irmas Pavilion in Los Angeles, the extension to the Albright Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo and an exhibition design for a Dior retrospective at Denver Art Museum.