What Moves You?

This piece captures reader’s attention by covering what viewers will see while watching the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. From athletes to uniforms, to record breaking scores, viewers will see members of the Olympic team with a sneak peek of 12 different team uniforms. The spread on pages 14-15 defines apparel Olympic winners will be seen wearing on the podium. Much like this 100% tree free substrate printed on, these uniforms are constructed with 100% recycled polyester, nylon and recycled-rubber Nike Grind trim to support minimal waste. This beautiful print piece helps us all celebrate the unifying power of sport.

Unique about this project: We first tested the paper on the Indigo, though Indigo approved, the ink would not adhere without a coating. We had two days to turn this project, so had to get the team involved and conversations rolling to make this happen. We printed this offset on our 640 and had to feed the press with 1” lifts due to the nature and consistency of the stock.

Printed on 4.8 mil Stone Paper (Via) 100% Tree Free Substrate. This material is manufactured without trees, water, bleach, acid or fluorescence.